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SMEs: Driving Growth and Creating Opportunities

South African SMEs play a vital role in our economy. They are the backbone of job creation, projected to generate 90% of new employment opportunities by 2030 (National Development Plan-2030, n.d.).
Contributing significantly to GDP growth, ranging from 60% to 80%,
SMEs pave the way for financial security and upliftment, breaking
the cycle of poverty for countless South Africans. However, despite
their importance, SMEs still face structural obstacles when it comes
to accessing financing.

Unlocking the Potential, Overcoming Barriers

Limited access to formal financial products restricts the growth potential of SMEs. Many entrepreneurs rely heavily on personal finances or resort to costly funding alternatives. Additionally, the market for SME funding is cluttered with funders, some of whom offer predatory terms. As a result, SMEs remain underserved, with a staggering credit gap estimated between R86 billion and R346.7 billion.

Your Path to Fast and Flexible Financing

Altvest Credit Opportunities Fund (ACOF) is the solution for South African SMEs. We provide a unique opportunity for fast and flexible funding, tailored to the needs of your business. Our financing options come with flexible repayment terms, ensuring that you can focus on growth while maintaining financial stability. With a strong emphasis on risk assessment and governance structures, we minimize defaults, enabling you to thrive in a competitive market.

Dedicated Professionals, Empowering Success

At ACOF, we are proud to be a predominantly female team of professionals united by a shared goal: to create a dynamic, competitive, and attractive lending product. With extensive experience in Private Credit and SME financing, coupled with expertise in technology and marketing, our team is equipped to understand and meet your unique business needs. We are a women-focused business, providing a product designed with women entrepreneurs in mind.



Customer Focused

Our principles guide every aspect of our work. We are agile, adapting swiftly to meet your
changing requirements. With a commitment to fast turnaround times, we ensure that you receive the funding you need when you
need it. Our transparency builds trust, providing you with a clear understanding of our terms and processes.
At ACOF, we believe in a human touch, fostering genuine connections and support throughout your funding journey.
Our purpose-driven and innovative culture places your
success at the heart of everything we do.

Deploying Capital to Fuel Economic Growth

ACOF goes beyond traditional funding. We combine market-leading FinTech and RegTech capabilities with the power to deploy Impact and Development Capital directly into the South African economy. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we catalyze growth, enabling SMEs to thrive and contribute to the prosperity of our nation.

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The Altvest Credit Opportunities Fund (ACOF) is a lending platform, providing loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for their working capital, asset finance and energy projects.